What is Floracell ?

Floracell is a plant conditioning spray, a new, revolutionary product of the Celladam
Group. It is a new type of agent; the effect is less chemical, more an enhancer of the
immune system, and vitality of plants.

Why Floracell ?

Floracell will justify its use through less need to use other agents, such as fertelizers,
herbicids, insecticids; nicer looking, healthier plants, higher yields, better tasting,
healthier crop, and fruits, benefi  cial effects on human, and veteritarian health.

Function and mechanism:

The product was registered (under the number 04.2/2325-6/2011) as Floracell plant
conditioner by the Central Agricultural Offi  ce. (The conditioner is a new, important
product of the Celladam Group. The effect of the conditioner is manifested in increased
photosyntesis effi  ciency, which plays a central role in the plants’ developement. The
conditioner has also a positive effect on the lipid imbalance through the food chain,
making the  human body healthier.

Use of Floracell

Diluted 1000  times for the needed quantity, this means a 10 ml bottle of Floracell is
solved in 10 liters of water(s), sprayed on the plants.
Compatibility with other agents
Floracell is not phytotoxic and can be  used together with the usual herbicids,
insecticides and fungicides, compost even with nitrogen fertilizers as needed.
However, you may notice less need to use other agents besides
Floracell. The reason is healthier, more resistant plants due to Floracell.
Adding it to the winter food of bees reduces their mortality rate.

Storage:    It should be stored in a dry cool place.
Shelf –life: in original sealed packing 3 years
Ingredients:    lipopoliaminoamid, materials, water
Packaging:  10 ml bottle, 10 litres of water mixed with


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